Coming towards the highpoint of the Northampton trip now, the Fosters flagship that is the Rifle Drum.

But first, we had to do one of those obligatory micro pubs, with only the slight redemption that it was bound to be in the next Beer Guide and would save me a return trip.


I include St Giles Ale House only for completeness, and to show you how blue the sky was, and how gorgeous the church.

St Giles
The other St Giles

I don’t know why I bother with micros. Polite society. Small square box. Lots of obscure beers.  No Bass. Not enough seats for entirely middle aged custom.  Proudly tells us “no music, fruit machines or wifi” as if that’s a good thing.


Micro pub bingo played here

Off we slunk to the tiny makeshift garden*, backing on to the wall of the Spoons, from which we heard the distinct sound of riotous FUN. I thought about scaling the wall a la Victoria Park last year.

There’s fun over that wall

Most of our group sat on beer barrels and discussed tactics for the Rifle Drum. Two young lads proved again how polite and lovely Northampton is by moving up so Mudgie and I could talk about the attractions of Stranraer.  Mrs RM stifled a yawn.

But once again, the beer (from Nobby’s) was spot on, NBSS 3.5 at least.  Perhaps the problem with micros is Martin.


*Someone has said it was scruffy, but then life is scruffy.  Keep the scruffy garden.





9 thoughts on “ST GILES ALE HOUSE

    1. A fair analogy. The owner did apologise for the state of it before we went out there. Thinking about it, he might be forced to make a more formal apology with reparations if someone ever fell over and hurt themselves?

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  1. To be fair, on a quieter day, with a seat at a table, a pint and a book or newspaper. I think St Giles would be a good bet and one that I would choose.

    I have no doubt, given it’s current CAMRA POT Season accolade that it will be in the next GBG.

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    1. Spot on. For people who like people like them, rather than youngsters, swearers, singers, lager drinkers etc etc. Of course there’s plenty of larger pubs that subconsciously exclude parts of the community, though Spoons isn’t a culprit.


  2. “Proudly tells us “no music, fruit machines or wifi” as if that’s a good thing.”

    I can see where each of things not being present would tick off some folk for sure. 😉

    “Most of our group sat on beer barrels and discussed tactics for the Rifle Drum. ”

    At least there’s more space out there. 🙂

    “*Someone has said it was scruffy, but then life is scruffy. Keep the scruffy garden.”

    Concur. My better half is getting into a bit of a bother with our backyard being ‘unkempt’. But, for me it hearkens back to being one with nature*, or an English country garden.


    * – I keep pointing out that no one does tidying up of plants and thingies out in the wild so why should we? 🙂


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