One last Welsh tick (16 in the bag !) before we head home, or at least to Cheadle (Cheshire), our resting place for the night.

Welshpool never fails to disappoint, pubwise, but it does at least have a good Morrisons where Mrs RM could stock up on artisan cheese for tea while I ticked the Angel.

Nothing wrong with the town itself (see here),

but anyone expecting a border town pub bonanza of the quality of Oswestry (or Leintwardine) will be disappointed.

But the Pheasant was OK, and my description of that 2019 visit as “like Jono’s in Ilford” could also apply to the Angel.

A long thin sports bar, with what looks like another children’s birthday party at the far end, put on just to limit my photos.

One ypung barman in gamely attempting to cope with three different bar areas at the same time, and almost manages it, despite the usual array of complex orders involving flavoured vodka.
Three handpumps seemed three (3) too many, perhaps four, but the Salopian was cool and would have guaranteed the Angel Pub of the Season anywhere in Northern Ireland.

I like busy pubs, and this was as busy as any of those estate pubs that Life After Football finds off-grid.

As a bonus, it was a perfect place to follow the League 2 scores. Below you see Jermaine Jenas and Robbie Savage toasting Swindon’s 3rd goal at Walsall with a bottle of Malbec.

No Malbec was being drunk in the Angel, though Mrs RM had seemingly acquired one from Welshpool Morrisons while I was away.

10 thoughts on “THE ANGEL OF WELSHPOOL

  1. Did you do a preemptive tick in the Welshpool micropub? Opened in September so presumably will be in the next guide


      1. Over the last fifty years I’ve done 509 nights in Youth Hostels, 218 in pubs, four in guest houses ( three too many ) and none in campervans


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