Staying in the Llanelli Travelodge for £40, rather than the £100+ being asked everywhere else in this crazy year, paid for my beer, my takeaway, and the therapy sessions needed after that Felinfoel pub.

And the next morning I had time to do Llanelli justice.

OK, perhaps 8am Saturday morning isn’t the best time to stay awhile amid its comely charms.

But there’s art.

And there’s (inevitably) a Zion Baptist Chapel where no doubt Wesley preached while he was ticking churches.

And if you look up (DON’T LOOK UP !) there’s some impressive buildings to be sure.

But there’s also a lot of dereliction, right next to the Spoons,

and it’ll take more than a chain pub and cinema and a visit this week from Showaddywaddy to revitalise a town now all the chains have left for the retail parks outside.

So hurrah for the remaining independents,

particularly Jenkins bakery, who beat Costa to opening and provided a bargain Welsh rarebit served with a smile.

Let’s hope the pubs can maintain that start, eh ?


      1. Everybody calls it rarebit, but it originally comes from the insulting suggestion that the Welsh were too poor/indolent even to get a rabbit for the pot and made do with toasted cheese. The fact that it takes more effort to make cheese than to go out and shoot/snare a rabbit seems to have made no difference. Grr. (Reg Smeeton eat your heart out)

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