I really should have saved that Felinfowl ? blog title for this one. #Amateur

Felinfoel is the northern suburb a pleasant mile walk east of Stradey Park, famed for its zebra statue (long story).

Always nice to bring you a picture of an actual brewery on what some claim is a beer blog, even if that brewery has a reputation somewhere below Arkells.

In the local park, a statue commemorates someone erroneously picking up a football and avoiding punishment. Possibly Aymeric Laporte at Everton.

I really liked Felinfoel as a place, colourful and arty.

and with a box inviting you to take free takeaway boxes. I think it’s supposed to be art.

The GBG entry left me a little distressed.

Jemima’s Pitchfork, named after an unusual medical condition identified in Kidwelly, was the lone beer (hoorah !).

It was also undrinkable (NBSS 0.5). I could have taken it back, but what I have changed it for ? Madri ?

So I nipped to the loo to dump it in the urinals, where a young lad was helping his mate be horribly sick in the sink. At 7pm.

Luckily the pub has a decent floral selection.

The 25 minute walk, armed with Crispy Beef and bottle of Malbec, was a joy for fans of UK underpasses.

And China Kitchen will be thrilled, THRILLED I tell you, to get a NCTSS 3.5 from your reviewer.

But I left a more forensic exploration of Llanelli till the morning.


  1. “NBSS 0.5” This is the fly in the ointment of the “one hand pump is enough” campaign. Were there no plant pots? I’ve only ever tipped a beer down the toilet in a Brewdog in Nottingham.

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  2. All these years, all these pubs and posts and you still make the schoolboy error of not drinking what the local(s) heaving in toilets had… or maybe you did!

    That subway is never going to convince Tangerine Jane of their appeal.


    1. That’s what I think in theory, Bill. But in practice it’s not always so straightforward.

      If I was in a GBG pub, as Martin nearly always is, I think I would be more inclined to complain, rather than less. After all, what is the point of the GBG?

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      1. This won’t be a popular view but a lot of pubs outside the competitive cask markets (particularly Wales and Scotland) don’t even seem to know they’re in the Guide, or care. Entries just continue year to year as long as that pump persists, and a Bloke tips up once a year with a sticker.

        That said, beer quality in Wales was pretty good with that exception, so I’ll back the GBG.


      2. The last time I saw beer being taken back was six days ago minutes after opening time, the beers obviously not having been checked, not even with a local branch meeting scheduled for noon.
        Never mind though, nine beers on means it’s in the GBG.

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    2. And you’re right, Bill, of course.

      But having had a couple of occasions with Mrs RM where staff wanted to argue the toss about it I couldn’t be bothered, and I didn’t need the Carling.
      If I’d been in a group I probably would have.
      Nothing wrong with Carling, obvs.

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      1. “Nothing wrong with Carling, obvs.” What? Wide ranging and accepting views are not tolerated these days.


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