Oh Noes ! Doom Bar off in Lampeter

Well, I’ve just seen stop the Scouse bus wreckers denied the title (again) so am very happy. Here’s the highlight from the afternoon’s nerve-shredding action* at the Etihad.

I’ll be honest; the last few months have been very stressful seeing City’s lead slipped away and I’ve let the blog slip a bit, too. But I’m focused now, it’ll be seventeen (17) posts a day till I catch up and I’m only partly joking.

A fortnight ago we were heading deep into the GBG chapter called West Wales but Ceredigion to county purists like me and Mudgie.

Lampeter holds a special place in Mrs RM and my heart, as it’s here 25 years ago that we had the worst curry we’ve ever had.

Yes, you Shapla Tandoori, putting cress instead of coriander on the Bhuna. It’s probably great now, best get the Southworths to review it.

But how had Lampeter, home to 1,970 real people and 1,000 students of Welsh Theology, changed since 1996 ?

Well, there was now a shop called “The Snail Of Happiness“, possibly selling a future BRAPA mascot.

The Beer Guide target had generous opening hours, and a top range of craft judging by their Facebook.

Looked a cracker, too, selling Konig Ludwig Blonde for £2.

It wasn’t, open, was it ? A pub promising on Facebook to be open 15 and a half hours a day wasn’t open till 3pm ? What would thirsty theology students do ?

Well, I guess there’s a milk bar.

Mrs RM found a vegan crochet cafe called Mulberry Bush Wholefoods which produced the best flat white in many a month, and I left Mrs RM to do the cultural bit. She’s so focused on the ticking she’s no time for culture.

As the centre of the Welsh language the culture comes mostly from shopfronts.

By the time you’ve asked the phone operator for the funeral director you’ll be expired yourself.

Anyhow, the pub opened 10 minutes early after all that, always the way.

I entered to the throb of AC/DC. Here’s the track with Spanish subtitles.

The friendly young lad at the bar was having a whale of a time. He went to turn it down and I told him the volume was fine, but I was distraught at the lack of Doom Bar (top).

Never mind, the lone Gower Gold was served in a Sharp’s glass, and was cool and crisp (NBSS 3+), the barman checked it in the light and asked me if it was OK, a nice touch. The beer on this Welsh trip was pretty good.

But I suspect the student-friendly Nag’s Head won’t be featuring on the Old Codger’s long-awaited tour of West Wales, even if AC/DC makes way for Jethro Tull on the jukebox.

*This will make no sense to Americans, who don’t have any proper sports.

9 thoughts on “Oh Noes ! Doom Bar off in Lampeter

    1. I wish you hadn’t sent me to Curryheute ! Want curry now. No, Hector has hardly touched Wales. In the ’90s Cardiff and Swansea had some great Birmingham style Balti houses.


  1. For information, the undertaker’s shop is called Gwilym C Price, his son and daughters. Get there early for bargains!


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