I wanted to us (D)ross-on-Wye, I really did, but that would be unfair and as you know I reserve my unfairness for a certain Berkshire Thames-side town. And besides I used it before, in 2017.

We took the much longer route (1 minute more) through the Vale of Leadon and Much Marcle, passing a giant Weston’s pub (the Walwyn ?). Do Weston’s own pubs ?

We followed parking signs into town and ended up here;

The bells on the rail that lifts when you put £2 in the machine warn you not to leave your head under a heavy block of wood, following the decapitation of a Mr Edward Heavens of Phocle Green in 2007.

A quick check found we’d missed the cheaper council car park by a few yards (blame Mrs RM) and ended up in the disused yard of the long-term closed Barrel. No going back.

Half an hour till the Tap House opens at 16:00, half an hour to get to know Ross.

You can trust a town with an Elvis impersonator,

but it’s a scruffy place, crumbling in parts and a sharp contrast with Ledbury.

When Mrs RM carried me round the border towns back in April 2003 I managed five pubs in an hour (a theme emerging here), and the only one I remember was the venerable Man of Ross.

The pubs seemed much quieter now. Back in 2003 there was just the Crown & Sceptre in the GBG, and since then it’s just been the Spoons if you’re lucky, but a few years ago Ross got its micro.

Mrs RM popped in Sainsbury’s for essentials (Malbec and paracetamol), I nipped in the Tap House on the dot of 4.

This is how to do a micro.

Low seating, old brewery signs and guitars on the walls, chatty Landlord, cool crisp beer (Cwrw Tal Pocket Rocket, NBSS 3.5+). Oh, and hedgehogs (why ?).

Mrs RM turned up and was about to ask about the hedgehogs, but I ushered her out, our parking due to expire in 7 minutes. We left town in a hurry, just before the return of the Funcky Monkey.

Beware the surplus “c”.

8 thoughts on “ROSS-ON-WHY ?

  1. We’ve certainly been in Ross when it was a bit more thrivey, but it’s been on the slide for a few years now. A great shame, it really should be a busy tourist town. Having said that we always make an effort for the charity shops, the Man of Ross, and the lunchtime special meal deal at the lovely Yaks & Yetis (basically the children’s menu, portion sizes designed for afternoon drinkers). Then it’s up the road to Peterstowe for proper ciders at the Yew Tree, which correctly has a (1) beer and ‘must’ be in the GBG surely!

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    1. Excellent spot, Rhys. If only I had a German reader to complain about the lack of umlauts.

      For at least 6 months I thought that Cwrw was the name of the brewery, rather than the Welsh for beer.

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  2. Yes, while the core of the town and the view from the bypass are beautiful, go a bit further out and it is tatty. Surprising as Monmouth certainly isn’t. And a lot of closed pubs too.

    Last time I was there I went in the Man of Ross and my notes say “Had an unpleasant, dry grated cheese sandwich… A good group of geezers in, all drinking either cider or Carling.”

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  3. Yes, I’ve always found Ross a bit disappointing. An old workmate of mine loves it though, to the extent that he’s now on the Council.

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