Mrs RM didn’t recognise Frank Sidebottom. She’s not a TRUE Manc like what I am.

Bet she didn’t recognise this bloke, either, a headliner at Simon’s upcoming Blackpool “punk” festival with his disco covers of Joy Division classics.

After a night of curry in Lymm we were back in Manchester for another of those annoying City home games on the Saturday. If only City played their home games in Stromness.

Parked up near the Industrial Museum,

young Matt called us while we were inspecting old cars and arranged to meet us at My Thai place in the Northern Quarter. Why don’t our children leave us alone ?* My Thai is as good as Thai food gets, Wrestlers apart.

After a routine demolition of Watford, in which I’m afraid to say I liberally swore at a group of blokes who ALWAYS turn up late, leave early, slag off Sterling and go to the loo 8 times, I had time for a post-match pint in the cask where I first met BRAPA.

A venue of legends, certainly.

Unfortunately, the 3 blokes who’d left the Etihad on 80 minutes were there, drinking German lager and I felt a bit self-conscious.

But not for long. A pint of Wylam Eek (eek indeed, it was £5.10), a soundtrack of angsty dub, and a crowd of City fans and Hi-Vis. It’s (still) great.

Lacings never lie.

I know not everyone likes the relentless development of central Manchester, but frankly they can stay in the suburbs. I love tall buildings, and crisp cask, and greasy chips.


12 thoughts on “OH, MANCHESTER etc etc

  1. £5.10?! Still paying less than £4.00 for decent craft up here in t’proper North. (of the 60th parallel)


      1. 😂😂😂 Harviestoun Bitter and Twisted actually. Lovely drop of beer, even on keg. Carling is also available.


      2. B & T certainly is, Bill, and fine in bottle too.

        It was a lifesaver for us at the City Hotel in Glasgow a few years back, that and Schiehallion.


  2. The place where you and Simon first met! Next time make sure you get a photo of the blue plaque they’ve put up. 😉

    Thanks for that photo of the skyscraper; never saw it from that angle before, quite an interesting design!


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