Still blogging from the Welsh Wander nearly two weeks ago, and a Friday night in Lymm felt the perfect way to rest up before yet another trip into Manchester.

Mrs RM parked up in the car park near the Cross, jumped when she saw the parking patrol out and about at 20:00 in a small market town, and bought a ticket that was free anyway as long as you were gone within an hour.

I’m sure vast philosophical papers have been written on this, but simply Lymm has many more Indian than Chinese takeaways, rather like Loughton or Woodford Green, so I ended up in Bhajis. “Twenty minutes mate“.

Twenty minutes ? Just time for a pint via the canal.

Oooh, the Saddlers was good last year.

But let’s cross the road and do the Dunham Massey Brewery Tap, a place I found a bit “Cheshire wine bar” when I ticked it a decade ago.

Well, I apologise to it a decade later, as the Tap was remarkably pubby, a real middle-class boozer, with a heady mix of age and sex and drinking choice. A soundtrack of the Smiths and Nirvana was revealing, though of what I’m not sure.

Quite a lot of cask being sold;

and since my eyesight’s not SO bad I couldn’t read the word “PORTER” I had the Porter, then nabbed the last (high) table.

OK, it’s no Hare & Hounds, but if you’re only in for a 10 minute pint then bench seating is less of a concern, and the Porter was cool, crisp and lacy. Is lacy an adjective ?

Gorgeous, as was the sunset,

and the lamb chops and chicken Gurkali enjoyed on plastic plates in the Ibis Budget.

Best of all, we managed to get ALL that yellow muck off the Ibis surfaces before we left.


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