A flying visit to Wrexham/Wrecsam, whose latest attempt to join the Hollywood elite in League 2 (Barrow, Sutton, Rochdale) came to a stuttering halt at the weekend, leaving Stockport favourites for automatic promotion. I’m sure Mudgie will be delighted.

I was almost as delighted to finally get the Magic Dragon Tap ticked, though leaving one straggler in the North East Wales section of the GBG (Derby Arms in Llandrillo) took some of the gloss off.

Not quite a case of Mrs RM keeping the engine running, but parking near the centre needed to be a bit “adventurous” on a Friday night.

Still time to take the tourist shots of Wonderful Wrexham (last used by the TIC in 1978, that one).

A few old favourites in the compact town centre, including this joule,

and a Wetherspoons that must be experienced by Ryan Reynolds, whoever he is. Here’s your annual reminder of the North & South Wales Bank.

Perhaps the Magic Dragon lacks the frontage of the Royal Oak,

but it’s more boisterous pub than craft bar, and the staff were as lovely as the Dolphin IPA (NBSS 3.5+).

Are you a CAMRA member ?” asked the barman, before knocking a few pence off the bill.

Well I was, but haven’t us life members been excommunicated for being a drain on the campaign or something ?

12 thoughts on “NO DUFF (AT) THE MAGIC DRAGON

  1. I don’t suppose there was some weird long haired chap drinking at the bar was there? I have a vague memory of a brief chat with someone who had a camper van.


    1. “Weird” chap in Wrexham ? Doesn’t really narrow it down ! Sadly, I was in and out in 5 minutes and (pleasingly it was packed at 6 on Friday. I really ought to do Wrexham properly.


  2. It’s the big crunch match on Sunday lunchtime when Wrexham host Stockport. Wrexham have to win to retain any realistic hope of automatic promotion.

    Wrexham town centre always seems to me to have a very confusing layout.

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      1. Historically, the town centre would have been the High St and Town Hill. The old Beast Market was out at Eagles Meadow and to get to it you would pass what is now the Magic Dragon, which I remember from the late 70s as the Elephant and Castle, a run down Border pub.
        Back in 1979/80, my mate Carl and I compiled a guide to Wrexham pubs, mostly for our own amusement and that of our friends. God, how I wish I still had it, a glimpse into my lost youth and a vanished era of pubs.

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      2. As Blur rightly pointed out, modern life is rubbish. “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

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