The penultimate stop on our North-East Wales wiggle took us around the mighty Clwydian range, where Mrs RM and I used to head for in the mid-90s before ticking to stay in Bed & Breakfasts run by mums in Pantymwyn for £35 and walk the ridge from Loggerheads walk.

Our tick is in Maeshafn, pronounced as follows,

our target pub named after the lead mining activity dominating the village. While Mrs RM rested before the stresses of the final two pubs, I followed some urgent footpath signs to the limestone quarry,

with Loggerheads behind.

It really is gorgeous, untouched countryside, but as the clock ticked towards the Miners Arms 17:00 opening time I persuaded Mrs RM to walk up and down outside the pub. It sometimes works.

At 16:59 we were head of a growing queue of thirsty villagers, all of whom had arrived by car.

On the dot, the Landlord opened the door and shouted “Are you Eddie* ?”

I’m not, but I can be if you want” I said. He didn’t take the joke.

Then he called above the heads of the throng “Is one of you Eddie ?”. Finally someone owned to being Eddie. It may have been Mrs RM, so desperate was she to be served.

We followed the landlord in chatting about the crowds, straight to the bar with my money in my hand.

And then he served the lady behind me who took the seat at the bar.

She didn’t even know what she wanted, and had to go through a range of artisan gins. Eventually another chap came and served me.

Mrs RM glared. This is her glaring;

Did you see that !” she said. “It was like you were invisible“. What can I say ?

For the record, the Boltmaker and Flintshire were decent (NBSS 3), the pub cosy with good seating, the customers cheery.

But Mrs RM literally growled as we took our glasses back, and opted not to stay for some good looking tea options.

If this was a genuine mistake and I WAS temporarily invisible or there’s a policy about serving regulars before the person already at the bar then I can only apologise.

*Possible not Eddie, but that doesn’t matter, does it ?


  1. I enjoyed the Banks’s Bitter in that Miners Arms on 7th April 1991,
    That was with spending a week walking the Offers Dyke Path with nights at Maeshafn, Llangollen, Knighton, Capel-y-Ffin, and Monmouth Youth Hostels, all of which I think have now closed, and the Westwood Park pub in Welshpool.
    Maeshafn was Britain’s first purpose built Youth Hostel having been designed by Bertram Clough Williams-Ellis, more famous for the Portmeirion village, and opened on 4th July 1931.
    Maeshafn and Eyam are the only two Youth Hostels in which I’ve experienced three high, rather than the normal two, bunk beds.
    I might have already mentioned that the first Miners Arms I used was at Ysbyty Ystwyth fifty years ago. A couple of miles from home then was the Jolly Collier in Chadsmoor.


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