I want you to get massively behind on your blog” says Mrs RM as she drives me kicking and screaming round another half dozen pubs yesterday.

Last week we made a much needed trip into North Wales, which from our overnighter in Eccles only took 90 minutes.

Honestly, Llangollen is gorgeous, isn’t it ?

Shame it’s full of Scousers.

I’m only paying for 60p worth of parking, just enough for a quick half in the GBG Three Eagles, which was the Wynnstay Arms when it double booked our room in 1996, forcing us to find another B & B at short notice. I hadn’t forgiven it.

And I soon found out there’s no such thing as a quick half at the Three Eagles, which placed a greeter at the door and insisted we have table service.

While Mrs RM distracted them. I dashed for the bar to find a lone Doom Bar pump.

Well, that cheered me up, till I tasted it. Not returnable, and since you’re not allowed to enter the bar that would have been impossible anyway, just meh.

More attention on the pets than the pumps.

And nice loos. I worked with the branch secretary of Eagle fanzine in the 90s. He was exactly what you’d expect.

“Can I tip the beer in the plant pot then ? ” asked Mrs RM.

Will it kill the pl…“. Too late.

Anyway. It wasn’t me. And I feel guilty now because the Doom Bar wasn’t even THAT bad.

But that’ll teach you for double booking us 25 years ago.


  1. Llangollen has never been the best place for pubs. And of those there used to be, half have closed down and most of the rest don’t open until teatime.

    The standards applied to GBG selection seem to vary wildly between different areas.

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    1. The Brunning & Price Corn Mill, and the Ponsonby Arms (closed recently) were the 2 GBG regulars. No idea what 3 Eagles has but suspect there’s normally more than Doom Bar on.


      1. I’ve been to the Links a few times as Mrs TSM likes the soup there, and I’m quite content with the Lees.


    2. I used to go to a pub just out of town called the Jenny Jones. It was modern and completely devoid of character but had a friendly landlord and very good beer. It was good for a couple of pints before getting the steam train to Carrog and lunch at the Grouse. Gone now, of course. The Grouse is still there though.

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  2. At least you managed to taste a beer at the Three Eagles. We went for a drink there a couple of weeks ago. Usual table service blather. Waited 20 minutes after being seated for someone to take our order, gave up and went to Bensons which was a far better experience.

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  3. Used to know this as the Wynnstay. Can’t remember what it was like for beer but it was pleasant, lots of wood panelling and horse brasses with plenty of Old Boys and gentlefolk. Looks like it’s been wrecked now.

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