Blimey, a blog post from last Wednesday, only a week ago.

I’ve had enough for football, it’s gig day, Low in Manchester, and I’ve decided it’s going to be a Holt day. But first, Fierce, everyone’s favourite Aberdeen craft brewery.

Manchester looks lovely, I’ve brought the sunshine with me.

The previous Saturday I’d tried for a pre-match DIPA in Fierce, but it was packed.

The same view at 3pm 4 days later. I’m in luck.

Actually, I really am in luck, as Fierce have the decorators in, and I get a pint passed to me via the side window by a cheery lady.

Mrs RM still hasn’t been here; she should challenge Blackpool Jane to a drinking contest. I know who my money’s on.

I’m after an easy start to the day, so it’s just a two-thirds of the Fierce Black IPA.

When I tweeted this everyone just wanted to complain about the plastic glass, but if you’re going to drink out of plastic a Black IPA ain’t SO bad.

Anyway, it’s rich and gorgeous, as are the staff, and the seating in Thomas Street, and at some point I’ll buy the T-shirt.

Whether I’ll ever get the Two Mudg(i)es to visit instead of the Hare & Hounds is quite another matter.

9 thoughts on “I MAY BE BIG BUT I AM FIERCE

  1. How can there be such a beer as a black PALE ale?

    Another pseudo beer style, dreamt up by people on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean – with apologies to Dave, of course! 🙂

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    1. Oddly enough, this occurred to me last night when I opened up my Beer52 delivery and first out of the box was a dark pale ale! Nice drop of beer though.

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