“Please come to the bar to be seated”

I hope you appreciate that pubs can be good despite average beer, or dreary despite exceptional ale.

These four ticks in West Wilts were a mix of all that makes pub visiting our national pastime (after whippet racing), but the Lock Inn Cafe tested the patience.

Bradford-on-Avon really is the Skipton of the South-West. A pretty place scarred by cars, without a classic recommendable pub.

And every year a brand new Guide pub completely different to the previous one that mysteriously drops into oblivion.

In 2022, it’s a canalside cafe.

With canoes on the wall.

And tables in boats.

But never mind that, what are the adverts like ?

Bicycles and soap. I’d have liked adverts for Bass and Palmers, but we were directed to a table by a waitress because “table service”.

“I just want a pint please !

“Please sit down and I’ll bring you a menu

I just want a pint though !

I really, really, HATE table service. But you knew that.

Behave” said Mrs RM.

The soundtrack was Michael Buble and “Abracadabra, the mark-up on halves was outrageous (a half was £3.25, a pint £4.95), the beer was fantastic.

It wasn’t Proper Job, it was Bath Gem, a cool, foamy NBSS 3.5. Beer of the trip.

Shall we go for a walk in the drizzle along the canal footpath, Mrs RM ?”


14 thoughts on ““Please come to the bar to be seated”

  1. Yes I had a similar experience there last year. And the local Kettlesmith beer was over a fiver. And they made us sit outside. Nice location though.


  2. More proof that you don’t have to be a pub to make it into the guide. What’s next, the local off-license because it has a good range of bottled beers?

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    1. I’ve seen that, Morten. There was an off-licence in Bristol which made the GBG for years because it sold a good range of bottle-conditioned beers.


      1. The off license that my wife and I ran from 2001 to 2007, featured in the GBG for the last couple of years we were there. The Cask & Glass in Tonbridge, which is still trading, served a range of cask beers, in take-out containers, for customers to enjoy at home.

        Despite the accolade of a place in the guide, I remain undecided as to validity of such entries – although when all is said and done, the GBG is a good BEER guide,as opposed to a good PUB guide!

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      2. I think I read somewhere that the Village Tavern at Outwoods was in the Good Beer Guide twice in one year.


      3. “I think I read somewhere that the Village Tavern at Outwoods was in the Good Beer Guide twice in one year.”

        I know you’ve read it somewhere, because I’ve read it somewhere too. If I’m not suffering from a bad case of deja vu, it was you that wrote about it (somewhere).


    2. SH,
      I think that’s what’s known as short term memory loss, not uncommon at my age, remembering what Marstons beers I drank and how much they cost in the Village Tavern during 1976 but not remembering what I wrote a fortnight ago !

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  3. The Village Tavern at Outwoods – in my time, there was a choice of maybe 3 beers? Marstons Best, Guinness and “Wrekin” Lager although the pump was covered in cobwebs and I’m sure Jack the landlord never served a pint of it. The did end up getting in a mild pump on the “advice of his doctor”. Broke my heart when I returned and found it had been turned into a house!

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