“Why are Wolf Alice forbidden ?” asks Mrs RM in the Rutland Arms.

A rare night in Sheffield, amazingly. How dull.

On Sunday night the crafties had left town after Sheffield Beer Week (ugh !) so it was safe to go to a pub again. Mrs RM picked the Rutland Arms, as it has good food. Or perhaps because it’s in my Top 100 Pubs, who knows.

It certainly has one THE great pub interiors, and I’ve been in a few (and a few duffers).

This might very well be my favourite view from a pub seat, and Mrs RM went for it.

My priority was getting fed (ironically after Bath) and with the website saying food stopped at 18:00 I simply went to the bar at 17:58 and pleaded.

You’ve got two minutes to order” said the barperson, who I liked immensely for such precision.

I had the curry; it was superb trencherman stuff. No idea what a trencherman is, but neither have you.

Pints of Blue Bee murk and something else local for £3.60 remind you why you live in Sheffield and not Sherfield (on Loddon).

Mrs RM wanted to know why Wolf Alice were on the Forbidden Music board on the jukebox, which I found incredibly funny. She sulked.

But she got her own back when I mixed up Tatu, presumably banned because they’re anti-war Russians, with the Cheeky Girls of Lembit Opik fame. But Lib Dems ARE banned in Sheffield, surely. Life is so confusing, I had another beer.

At the bar, a foreign student was trying to blag a free pint of the 10% keg.

I am not paying for it. HA HA. Only joking. HA HA”

Perhaps it was subliminal advertising, because I bought myself a half of that Imperial stout with a badly stuck-on label, and a Kernel sour, because dinosaurs.

There really is a tremendous keg selection in the Rutland, as good as anything in London or Manchester.

But it’s all about the jukebox, oddly. No Kangaroo Air Force Elevator, but pretty much anything else to enjoy while sipping your sours and stouts.

Where else can you hear Duran Duran non-ironically ?

Mind you, the scream at the end of Costello’s “Man Out of Time”, playing as we left, might well have been a comment on the Gents.

16 thoughts on ““Why are Wolf Alice forbidden ?” asks Mrs RM in the Rutland Arms.

  1. Good to see Weller on the banned list, but no Stereophonics is surely an error!

    It’s nice to see slightly tatty craft beer fontage like that, it says to me “It’s just beer! Get over yourself…”, and I’m much less likely to fall for the £20 Impy Stout/Gose/Mild/Haribo silliness as a result.

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  2. I thought at first glance it was Toto rather than Tatu.

    I once saw a pub advertising an upcoming gig by the “Above Average Weight Band” 😄

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  3. Tantalisingly you only give us a peek at the adjacent Recommended Music board. Assume the Sultans of Bland, Dire Straits, have been omitted in error from the forbidden list. There must be a tribute b(l)and based in Sheffield – Dore Straits perhaps.

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