When I ask Twitter for pub suggestions, as I did for Skipton, they tend to come in 3 forms, all equally valid;

1.Visit ALL the pubs. They’re all great.

2. The Good Beer Guide pubs are the best, that’s why we chose them.

3. Here’s some new micropubs we discovered yesterday. They won’t be open, of course.

Even better than that, Chris Dyson gave me a pork pie recommendation.

And instructions on how to eat them. I had two, gorgeously warm and meaty, the juices slurping down my Dad’s jumper.

And yes, they WERE only £1.30 each. I resisted the fudge, even though it makes you happy.

Just time for an old favourite before the train home, dodging the gentlefolk along the main street (full of tat stalls) and some lovely street art.

Just time for a half of Siren Breakfast Stout inn the Narrow Boat, the pub EVERYONE recommended.

And a nice bench seat, with a clock that tells me I have seven minutes to neck my half and dash to the station.

Gorgeous beer, as you’d expect from a former Champion Beer of Britain, but it never works out that way, does it ?

To save time at the station entrance, I’d downloaded my ticket.

Something had gone terribly wrong.


  1. Not sure about Skipton – memories of the Woolly Sheep were fair enough, but it all went down quickly after that.

    Has anyone seen an Unwoolly Sheep ever, I wonder though?

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