No, I’ve no idea what happened to Jason Shackell after 2012, but he was the Ian Clarkson of his time, a “generational talent” as everyone is now described.

Jason was born in Stevenage, but then so was my lad James, and he’s done OK. Jason left for Norwich at 17, a brave decision, so probably missed out on Saturday nights at the Leisure Park that defines Hertfordshire’s party town (only joking, that’s Hitchin).

On Saturday we took Matt and Emma to visit my parents in Waterbeach (fish and chips, no Chinese), then had a night at Stevenage Central Premier Inn. Because it’s there.

The (free) car park was packed all the time we were there, and the queue for Wagamama reached dangerous proportions.

I left Mrs RM and her charges to “it”, and headed to Bexleyheath for my last London GBG tick. Would Bexleyheath be an upgrade on Stevenage ?

With 20 minutes to spare I bring you the New Town highlights. When your underpass celebrates trains, tower blocks and a clock you know what to expect.

That tunnel is only a Jason Shackell clearance from Knebworth, of course.

I love this evidence that in 1983 Sir Cliff was the No.1 attraction in the UK, following his Hi-NRG remixes of “Daddy’s Home” and “Green Light” dominated the charts.

The New Town has suffered over the two decades since I left Herts for Cambs and then Sheff, with the Old Town enjoying a remarkable renaissance.

At 18:30 the pedestrianised streets were deserted, bar the teenage WKD drinkers and the odd tourist admiring the mural above Primark.

Is the clock iconic yet ? Perhaps.

A look at What Pub reveals where the pubs are (and not just cask, that’s ALL the pubs);

I spy a pub crawl there.

There’s a Harvester in the retail park, an unverified Doom Bar pump in the bowling alley, and The Old Post Office, which was so scary I chickened out. Actually, I thought it was the Spoons, but apparently JDW were to scared to operate in New Town and closed that too.

I bet the Doom Bar in the Post Office would have been a 4, wouldn’t it ?

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