If Stevenage needs an advertising slogan, they could do better than “Mrs RM preferred you to an evening in Bexleyheath“. “Last tick in Greater London, you’ll never sing that !” counters The Bex.

An expensive tick, but relatively quick from Stevenage with the bonus of a stop in London Bridge on the return. Which pub will I do there, I wonder ?

It was only 4 months since my last visit to Bexleyheath, when the “controversial” micro Kentish Belle finally made the Guide with its feast of exciting cask and craft.

Oddly, it only lasted a year, and in its place comes the Volunteer, appropriately a community pub.

So what’s replacing one of London’s premier ale shrines in South-East London, then ?

Yippee ! The battle is won. Proper beer has kicked out the craft etc etc etc.

The Volunteer is a Proper Pub, too, with bench seating,

Africa” by Toto, and the boxing on the telly.

It’s the sort of pub that doesn’t get in the GBG, we’re told. Listen to the noise (press play);

You don’t get that sort of noise in micropubs, do you ?

All that’s left is for me to tell you the Doom Bar was up their with the Eclipse, or the Bull. But it wasn’t, to be honest.

And I must be honest, as you know.

And I must, in honesty, tell you that I failed once again to capture the remarkable vibrancy of Bexleyheath on a Saturday night, though this picture of the train into London Bridge may give you some idea.

No, that’s not fair. The lasses who jumped on at Welling were all talking crow’s feet, dimple surgery and DBL. No, I don’t wish to know what DBL is.

5 thoughts on “TO BEXLEYHEATH !

  1. The entire Bexleyheath CAMRA branch should be closed down – if for no other reason than their implicit endorsement of that ridiculous glass. 😬

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  2. I used to go to the 6th Form at the school around the corner. I know some of the teachers frequented the Volunteer at lunchtime. I’ve never been inside but it always looks like a proper back street local. It nearly closed for good recently but was saved by the locals.

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  3. The rescue was a little while ago. There aren’t that many back street locals in LB Bexley, if you discount the micro pubs. To be honest as you say in your blog the beer is only part of the pub experience. A warm welcome, open fire, background banter all add something and it’s nice to talk to complete strangers. There are other back street pubs in Bexleyheath such as the Robin Hood & Little John and the Royal Oak (Polly Clean Stairs).

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