Having spent £18.60 on my return ticket to Skipton (not having booked advance tickets 3 years ago like BRAPA and Tom Irvin would) I wanted some value from my fare.

So I walked from the Slater’s Arms into Skipton via the canal, passing 327 pretend walkers who were actually only going as far as the cafe near the retail park.

It was amazing how many gentlefolk threw themselves into the water to ensure they didn’t come with 6 metres of me on the towpath.

I’d asked for recommendations for Skipton, and once again fellow ticker Eddie comes up top trumps with the Sound Bar.

The Bradford Record Cafe of the North, I guess, with a focus on the oldies but goodies.

That applies to the beer as well as the vinyl, with an Ilkley Mary Jane served at perfect temperature and texture (3.5+).

Not much for fans of 20 year US alt. follies, but a bustling place full of folk investing in old plastic.

And the sound system is REALLY great, perfect for the Staple Singers and O.V.

A GBG preemptive cert, though all you Nickleback fans out there should come forewarned….

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