I’ve no idea why you’d want to see the pics from the Saints v City match but since I’m paid by the pound here they are.

Some people would have headed to the Old Classics after the two ticks,

before heading to the match.

I just popped in the Giddy Bridge, packed with 270 City fans standing on tables singing the Ya Ya/Kolo song, for a wee.

and headed to the Art Gallery with 2.7 other folk.

Well done, Louis Vivin, that’s lovely.

I like Southampton Art Gallery; it’s spacious so you don’t knock things off pedestals and you can swipe a card reader at the entrance to donate to help the homeless. That’s a good idea.

It’s been fascinating to see how some towns have bounced back from Covid while others look bereft.

Southampton was vibrant.  Look at the finish on that mobility scooter.  OK, football crowds help, but the city just felt brighter and busier than ever, even if the Guide newbies are all pokey little shop conversions rather than historic Proper Pubs like the London.

I headed to the ground early to make sure I got the loaded fries (top) from the van outside St Marys, did the Covid pass check that’s been scrapped as soon as it’s introduced, and joined 30,000 folk in the dark wondering if Southampton have ever had a second song (see also : Portsmouth).

My first City away game since Newcastle in 2019, which we somehow lost, so a 1-1 draw wasn’t the disaster that Blue Moon commentators seemed to think.

The view on the walk back from St Mary’s (why do folk walk SO slow) to St Denys wasn’t a patch on the views from St James to the Tyne, but it’ll do.


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