OI !

My second Southampton tick didn’t require a reservation.

Deep in the heart of studentville, Beards & Boards is in the heart of Southampton’s bar quarter, near the ancient French & Son.

“Craft, Beer, Cider” it says, a GBG cert, especially with the punk welcome.

No, UB40 and Green Day aren’t punk. Do I care ?

I like the beer line up, nothing too fancy, nothing too predictable.

And NO table reservations. The Bowman Swift One is cool and Cwtch like, an easy NBSS 3+.

The chap on the table in front of me is an artist; sketching, thinking, drinking.

What a great hat.

At front, a table of screeching girls with red hair dominate, drowning out my attempts to Shazam the punk soundtrack. I reckon it was Spaceman 3.

What a great place. Oi memorabilia from 1981, the year I bought Sounds, tasty beer and a lively crowd.

And no-one moving me on after 10 minutes.

6 thoughts on “OI !

  1. Did you check out the loos? There was a rather bizarre audio punk documenty blog type thing playing when I was there just before christmas, made a change from the shouty skateboard music in the bar, other than that not a bad place.

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