This post features one of those great “Woman drinks pint of murk” shots that you come here for.

All women should automatically be served pints in pubs to destroy the patriarchy or summat.

This is Mellards, my FINAL (last) Staffs tick for the year.

An easy year for me in Staffs with just half a dozen new entries, a tougher one for the pubs.

with Newcastle-under-Lyme looking a bit bereft of trade on a summer Sunday.

Perhaps they’re all in Crewe.

Mellards sounded micro, but tucked down an alley behind Revolution (the bar not the event) it offered a vast outside area and looked high class inside.

Met at the door, personally escorted to an upstairs seat by a cheery but overworked publican, table service throughout; it felt very pre-Freedom Day. But I WAS able to linger briefly at the pumps;

Wow ! One BBB you’ve heard of, one modern micro from reliable Pentrich that I recommended to Mrs RM, who needed a beer after climbing those stairs.

Good job she hadn’t seen the Amundsen Barrel Aged Upside Down Christmas Cake @ 11.5% or there would have been carnage.

Beer menus, table service, mixed crowd, classy art. In N-u-L ? Well, the transformation has been happening for a while, even if it was hard to spot in the town centre that day.

Murky and marvellous, the Pentrich looked a great way to sign off Staffs. Shame I was driving.

And shame Mellards wasn’t doing food. Do they even have food in ANY of Newcastle’s GBG pubs ?

12 thoughts on “MELLARDS, M’DUCK

    1. There have been “supply-chain issues”, Duncan; my latest delivery from Puncknowle, Dorset was delayed by a pillage of apostrophes on the M3. As ever, I blame Russians. Or is it Russ.

      Is that your only Staffs gap ?

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      1. No – Bod at Stoke which has now reopened and the micro at Stretton that is never open. Google have bought shed loads of surplus apostrophes, which they insert via auto-correct to the unwary.

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  1. There’s murk and there’s murk, but that stuff looks like orange juice! Your American audience might like it, although possibly not, following Dave’s recent comments on my latest post. 🤔


  2. I like that “home” is reassuringly on your map, indicating either that you still can’t believe that you’re lucky enough to now live Oop North, or you’re afraid of overdoing it in a Midlands micro and jumping a train to Cambridge.

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