I met Citra legend Mick last night and he confessed under torture (an attempt to get him to drink Doom Bar) that he doesn’t read ALL my posts. So that’s him out of my 2021 Awards issue, then. That Crilley fella will walk it.

Here’s another post, mopping up the Newcastle-under-Lyme pics. I wanted to be enthusiastic about Mellards, but I need to be more reserved about the Potteries town itself.

Yes, you CAN see the church reflected in that walkway;

Far too quiet, with only the Superdrug busy with its artisan range of Sheet Masks. Some people collect moths, some GBGs, some Sheet Masks.

The pedestrianisation of the town to encourage continental style drinking is at embryonic stage.

TWO GBG pubs in the same pic there.

Having coloured in Staffs,

we searched out some food.

There was very, very little to go at. A little Thai place had stopped serving before 2, and for some unspecified reason Mrs RM wasn’t going to the Spoons.

So we both settled on Sandos, which is either latin for “artisan deli” or Potteries for sandwich.

Whatever, it had people inside and out, exposed brickwork and the sort of menu to scare the Old Codgers.

Mrs RM, in for a penny, in for a pound, took advantage of my driving with a bottle of beer from a tiny Scottish breweries, and I nicked some of her chips.

Great service, unfussy meat and bread.

But no oatcakes ? What’s happened to culture ?

10 thoughts on “POTTERING ABOUT

    1. Castle Spoons is the only Spoons where I’ve seen a fight actually in the building. Sadly, they all ran up the Ironmarket before the cops could get there.

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  1. As there seems to be an apparent drive to introduce a “continental” drinking culture to the UK, has anybody asked which continent it’s to be based on, because it currently seems to suggest downtown Nairobi to me.

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