I actually wanted to use “Which sandwich in Nantwich ?” as the title.

Indeed, my choice of lunch in Chatwins was the most problematic decision during my trip.

I joined a queue in the market place for the iconic bakery, a queue that stretched across the road and into Crewe (that rhymes as well) by the time I’d reached the counter and dithered over a cheese and onion sandwich, posh cheesy crisps and scoldingly hot filter coffee which I scoffed outside St Mary’s.

It was good to see Nantwich, like Beverley the month before, heaving as life returns to some form of normality. Fewer coach parties here, despite the wealth of black and white timber.

A relatively rare new GBG tick, tucked away off the High Street in the grand manner.

All day opening, generous food times, beers you’ve heard of (possibly),

what’s going on with the Guide this year ?

The Wickstead Arms isn’t perfect, but it did feel a genuine all-rounder, appealing to a family struggling to decide on chips, a group of gentlefolk splitting the bill by the window, and some nervous 18 year old fumbling for the evidence that they were indeed 18.

I made my choice, not a toughie,

and took the wall seat with the view of the bar.

Dad-in-charge-of-ordering was joined at the bar by his two excited girls wanting to change their minds at the last minute. It’s what I love about pubs, and you’ll know I’m not joking. This is pub life;

The Bass itself wasn’t a classic, a typically Cheshire milky, bubbly 2.5/3 that Bass experts can diagnose from the photo below.

But it was OK, and the “hearty pub grub” looked very good, and any pub that brings in families, lads and OAPs on a Tuesday lunchtime gets my vote.


  1. Something of a turnaround from 15 – 20 years ago when it was quite rough with lots of the young clientele in baseball caps and no sign of real ale…the Carling was OK though!

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  2. Yep, the Wickstead isn’t too bad these days. Beer is usually ok but rarely anything special

    Did you try Ebenezer’s as a possible pre-emptive? (plenty of murk and only 1 handpump for RM bonus points)


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