What with the climate crisis and Covid variants and Spurs finding form the world is a scary place at the moment, according to Mrs RM, who has been off on a trip round the Antrim Coast before it disappears.

While she was gone, I made myself useful by making some headway with Cheshire. SOME of us have to work.

Cheshire GBG is irritating me this year due to a gnome. The Cavern of the Curious Gnome has no opening times on Facebook and their website has said We are open I’ll update the website tomorrow for ages now. And no-one, except perhaps Pub Curmudgeon, wants to make a trip to Chester on spec.

But east of the city, a gastropub near Kelsall (listed as Willington to confuse) is a safe bet. Google Maps has managed to capture the Boot when it was closed. Since What Pub reckons it’s open 09:00 – 23:00 that’s some achievement.

With the sun following the righteous once again, it was the outside tables that were packed, with the interior just the right side of homely.

With just one photo I could have identified “Cheshire dining pub”, and half expected to see Stanley Johnson nursing a glass of red in the corner.

In fairness the new Cheshire entries this year have been pretty good, with a few less bottle shops and Brunning & Prices than expected.

And the Boot is a proper beer place, even if Weetwood aren’t your favourites, and even if the Cheshire Cat was as dull as usual (NBSS 2.5 or 3, I’ll decide when I go on What Pub).

In the garden the Old Boys meeting up after golf mixed with the young Prosecco crowd and as lunchtime dining end it took on the air of a rare upmarket drinking pub.

Which in 2021 is as rare as a day without a threat of the End of the World.

3 thoughts on “CHESHIRE DINING PUB

  1. I remember many years ago when the Boot was just a little basic two-roomed pub with Greenalls on gravity. Progress, eh? 😀

    Is “Cheshire Dining Pub” the answer to “what three words most cause a pub ticker’s heart to sink?”

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