From Finland with style

Yes, enough of the “better-than-expected” trendy café bars; it’s back to what makes Cheshire famous.  Ancient gastropubs for retired gentlefolk in the middle of nowhere (well, far enough away from Crewe for comfort, anyway).

Proper Pub marked for reference

Before the Cheshire mafia start their abuse, Cheshire is an attractive county and if I was legally compelled to take my mum out for Sunday lunch I’d be happy to take her to the Dysart Arms in Bunbury.  Talk about damning with faint praise.

Church built opposite pub by B&P
Seen one, seen them all

Every B&P greets you with the same words, designed to somehow convince you this is the village boozer of old.

“First off, life revolves around the bar, so that’s where to head for drinks, menus and to find out where you’re sitting if you’ve booked.”

A bit like claiming B&P stands for Banter and Pints, rather than “Beryl & Peter”.

That said, there are folk at the bar as I attempt to get a pint.


It’s not the bloke blocking the handpumps that winds me up though (I can guess the beers), it’s the two dogs competing to lick my shoes.

And the relentless Ed Sheeran.

And the tennis talk.

And the dull, lifeless Weetwood (NBSS 2).  As I’ve said before, the posh gastros may provide an outlet for the Cheshire micros but they do them (and the reputation of real ale) few favours if the beer is never tasted in sparkling condition.

Not quite bad enough to take back

The same story at Tilston, even closer to Wrexham and the joys of Malpas.


At least the Carden Arms is cosy, and rambling.

Piano last played to celebrate end of Boer War

And had those Guest Gins us CAMRA folk love.

Writing on  beams my pet hate

More micro stuff on the bar, at which you’ll see staff engaged in simultaneous taking of ordered from the Cholmondley-Warners for 7.30.

Salopian though

I take the only table without diners on it, and enjoyed perusing a collection of “The Countryman” stretching from 1947 to 1985. Nothing seemed to change except the colour of the staples.


You can guess what I thought of the beer.  Thanks heavens for foliage.


  1. How do those places get in the GBG? Either someone is scoring the beers there as good or better, or the branches in question aren’t looking at the beer scores before putting them in as their entries.


    1. I’m convinced they just count handpumps and make little or no use of NBSS.

      Weetwood Eastgate is a lovely BBB when well-kept, though. And the Dysart Arms, which is one of B&P’s earliest pubs, is in my experience one of the nicest in their estate.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. “nobody but the British could have invented Brunning & Price” – yes, and the TRG’s Frankie & Benny’s was invented in Leicester in 1995 based on a fictional story about the restaurant’s origins in Italy and New York going back to 1924.


  2. Two dogs competing to lick my shoes sounds wonderful but then, I love dogs to the point of distraction. However, Ed Sheeran and tennis talk would definitely take the edge off any enjoyment.
    “The joys of Malpas”. Ah, Malpas! I once spent my summer Sundays there scoring and operating the scoreboard at Malpas Cricket Club (MCC) when I were nobbut a lad.
    Appropriate that Cholmondley-Warners drink in Cheshire gastros, given that Cholmondley is in Cheshire and the Marquess of Cholmondley lives there in a dirty great big house.


  3. Didn’t Boris Johnson’s dad baulk at your outing his local, Martin?

    Nigel Farage has pretty well given up on the Queen’s at Downe, I expect.


  4. “it’s the two dogs competing to lick my shoes.”

    This is why I’ve been prone to sprinkle cayenne pepper on my shoes prior to going out. 🙂

    “Not quite bad enough to take back”


    “Writing on beams my pet hate”

    Made worse by the high seating just below.

    “Nothing seemed to change except the colour of the staples.”

    And that’s probably due to oxidisation. 🙂

    “Thanks heavens for foliage.”

    Ugh (again).



    1. “the colour of the staples” – but did anyone else notice about ten years ago when an edition of the What’s Brewing newspaper was stapled ?
      Probably not.

      Liked by 1 person

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