Another year, another trip to Englefield Green, for a fourth GBG pub in a village you’ve never heard of.

Englefield Green.PNG
Englefield Green – it’s in there, somewhere

Don’t lie, you’ve never heard of it, though the legions of beer “tickers” (ugh !) will no doubt be familiar with Egham and its infamous United Services Club with a gazillion different hoppy beers to taste.

Englefield looks like an Egham suburb, and it’s only 20 minutes from the station, but feels a different world.

To the south, perhaps our finest looking University;

Image result for royal holloway
Royal Holloway Photo:Rachael Talibart

and to the north, the vast spread of Windsor Great Park.

This way to the Royal Wedding

Not a place you’re going to find a Sam Smiths, or a Courage boozer, but to be fair some decent enough pubs in the Windsor mould.

Englefield WhatPub.PNG

Some way from the eponymous central green, the Bailiwick has me fearing the worst, as the word “Phoenix Original” stare out at me from the WhatPub description.


Yes, a Brunning & Price dragging Rochdale’s finest kicking & screaming into suburbia.

I went local.

Proper hat on the hand pump

Having told you I never go for the tiny brewery, I went for the Guardsman.  That’s the subliminal impact of a little hat on the pump clip. Works for Rosey Nosey as well.

Proof I didn’t have the megabrew

Hilariously, the bar towel reads “Banter & Pints“.  A less suitable slogan I couldn’t imagine.  “Brokers & Prosecco” would work.

Lunchtime was winding down, and inevitably a large group chose to stand around at the bar, rather than a) sitting down or b) getting out of the pub.


I found a table (with beer mat !) near gentlefolk in jumpers, and waited for the inevitable “splitting the bill” fun.


My pint was everything you expect, and nothing that you hope for (NBSS3)  So it’s cool, well presented and without haze, but lacks the sparkle of the best, and fastest selling, cask.

Here’s a close up for the purists among you.


So let’s be clear.

  1. Brunning & Price have some of the highest customer service anywhere
  2. They make a real effort to put local beer on, which is nice..
  3. If you like people who say “Excuse me” unnecessarily, you’re in for a treat.
  4. I hardly ever see anyone actually buy a pint while I’m there.
  5. They’re not pubs.




  1. Those jars and bottles containing samples of beer on the bar top are beginning to irritate me.
    They remind me of people who used words as decoration in their homes.LOVE.RESPECT.And that sort of nonsense.
    Unless of course it says SOD OFF which I imagine Mudgie has in his mansion.
    You see,I told you about the fun you could have with Chipping Sodbury.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Well can you tell the difference between any of them in your first picture?
        Perhaps they should be banned if there is no perceivable difference in the beers displayed.

        Not sure why I have to visit Airdrie though.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Although I realise that completing the Guide may take a bit longer once all these pubs with BBB are removed and replaced with exciting cutting edge keg bars in Hemel Hempstead, Seilebost and large swathes of NW London along with the Puff Inn on St. Kilda

        Liked by 1 person

      1. The entirety of CAMRA funds will have been spent on a keg of barrel aged Tiny Rebel Barley Wine (5 litres) and an exhaustive research effort to recreate Watney’s Red Barrel (circa 1971, and henceforth to be officially referred to as the “pinnacle of brewing excellence”), long before you will have had the time to implement any policies.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. It looks like a proper pub to me.
    I like to see small jars on the bar with beer in them,it gives me a clue as to what type of beer it is as i know sod all about beer,i when i can just drink it.
    I always were a jumper,could i be a gentlefolk in a jumper,i am sure i would fit into the stockbroker belt quite well.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s a hashtag, Alan. If you put it before a phrase you use a lot then if people search for that phrase your comments or post appear on Google. So you might put #Home or #Wards on a post you did about a particular pub crawl. I just use it to be annoying though.


  3. I’ll be controversial here and say that the jam jars, while a bit naff, can be useful, particularly in pubs where the staff are busy or ignorant of what they’re selling, and where there’s idiots blocking your view of the pumps (or no description on the pump clip). I like pale, hoppy beers, and the jars can be useful in not accidentally selecting something a long, long way from that.

    Banter & Pints, though? Burn it to the ground.


    1. The clue is in your name, Beer Hunter. I go out of my way to avoid being the first of the day to try beers no-one else has had that day.

      I take the opposite approach with food; I’ll always go for something I haven’t had before.


  4. Tremendous blog (and banter in the comments).

    That ‘Royal Holloway’ thing is a fantastic building.

    “This way to the Royal Wedding” – Really pleased to see that the queue for the Royal Wedding hasn’t reached Englefield yet.

    “…but lacks the sparkle of the best, and fastest selling, cask.”

    Nope – I’m not going to take the bait 😉


  5. Because I like all beers I don’t and never have used the visual indicators to make a choice on what beer I have.

    One massive problem is a lack of info on the initial pump clip…

    …or blackboard if you’re in a micropub with weird beer engines that clips can’t fit on.

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