Back at Newhaven Premier Inn I considered my ticking options.

I’d fancied a 90 minutes trip east to visit 3 pubs in Hastings and Bexhill, but Mrs RM reckoned we should do something local. Local ! NOT in the Beer Guide ?

What, like the Brewer’s Fayre next door ?

Calm down, calm down. There was no Doom Bar, it’s fake news. And folk complain about Wetherspoons turned round pump clips.

Mrs RM had a large glass of white; I tapped my fingers on the table, sullen.

Mrs RM looked on Trip Advisor and picked the best rated place, the Flying Fish, 10 minutes walk away in Denton.

Readers, I made a table reservation. I appreciate some of you may cancel your Patronised subs right now, but Mrs RM gets what she wants after a hard week’s work.

See you in a hot sec” said a terrifyingly cheery lady at the Flying Fish. Mrs RM found the idea of a hot sec unusually amusing, being unaware of local dialect after too long in the North.

It looks smart gastropub,

but I’m won over by any pub that puts its menu on the front door, Martin Luther-like.

More Newmarket than Newhaven, I thought.

A great welcome from cheery lady, an escort through to the old fashioned restaurant to the left after a quick surveying of the pumps. “I’ll have a large white wine” demanded Mrs RM. “A VERY large one ?” asked our perceptive host.

Oddly, I’d expected Sheps beers but got Fuller’s and Harvey’s. How bad could the Sussex Best be.

It was wonderful. Cool, chewy, bitter. An NBSS 3.5+ beer in a non-GBG pub.

Next door the village was filing in; the Flying Fish was packed within 20 minutes of the evening session, Old Boys, young couples, gentlefolk and all, and suddenly booking seemed a sensible (if anti-pub) call.

And it was SO cheery. Good, unfussy, tasty food too, Venison and pork.

Another pint ?” asked our host. I couldn’t resist, even better than the first. I’d have had a third to go with the inevitable Sticky Toffee Pudding (“two spoons ?”) but I know my limits. Sometimes.

Mrs RM identified the Durex Dog (it says here), and the chap in the painting.

You’ve seen him before, haven’t you ?


  1. I’m almost considering a night in Newhaven myself. Seems a waste with great pub towns like Lewes, Hastings and Rye nearby, but you make it sound so appealing.

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