On Day 4 of the Great Southern Saunter we left Newhaven to regroup in Southampton. One stop on route, to tick the tricky Cormorant on Portchester.

I do like a new place to explore with my tick, and Portchester in the posh bit of Pompey ticks that box.

At the end of the road leading to the castle is a row of gorgeousness, bar the twitching curtains.

Obviously we didn’t cough up the £8.70 that English Heritage wanted to explore the castle, we’re not made of money,

and the walk around the shoreline is the highlight anyway. Look closely and you can see 5 Wetherspoons over the way.

Still never been to the historic boats, but I’ve a pub still to do in Pompey so I may yet discover if the Mary Rose sells Doom Bar.

The Cormorant doesn’t sell Doom Bar, and has an interesting old school design reminiscent of Portland,

and inside it’s a classic coastal pub design.

Yes, it’s empty, despite the castle site being packed.

Oh, it’s table service. Led to our seats, and then the barperson comes across and writes down our order (on paper). A half of beer from a pump I can’t see and a coffee. The coffee causes consternation. “I caaan get you a coffee, but they’re not coming out of the machine properly at the moment“.

The next person in asks for a cappuccino and causes a meltdown, possibly literally.

The lad comes back with the contactless car reader, which doesn’t work “as the WiFi is playing up“.

He’s a gem, and sings along to “Shut Up and Dance” which only has 21,978 Shazams and must therefore be ultra rare.

If this all sounds a bit disappointing, I have to report that the Urban Island Mosaic was the beer of the trip; cool, clean, complex (NBSS 4).

Said it before, will say it again, the GBG gets it right on beer quality more than you’d believe.


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