Non-alcoholic beer ? Pointless.

About as pointless as this post, which is basically an inferior rehash of what Blackpool Jane has already given you (here).

But it’s my diary, so here’s the highlight of a dry day (3 a week I told Jane, and she believed me).

Lee and Jane arrived in Barnsley on Friday to find their game cancelled due to the Tykes being terrified of the Tangerines or summat, so they did the whole Barnsley cultural offer (here).

I finally got round to visiting Sheffield’s social history museum at Weston Park, where gentlefolk show grandchildren “what it were like when all you had to eat sheep livers“.

Jane would have liked the scary dolls. I assume they were meant to be scary.

And the older history section (pre-Premier League) shows that our ancestors were wearing masks to protect against viruses 25 million years ago.

I told Jane I NEVER make reservations, I’m not ever sure if Mrs RM and I booked the church when we got married or just turned up on spec, and it serves her right that our tea (actually supper) venue have formally changed her name to Janet.

The Stag’s Head is one of the Thornbridge flagships (can you have more than one flagship) and was packed and a bit too noisy, but I suspect I’d have noticed it less if I’d have been drinking rather than Mrs RM, who put back two pints of Jaipur while I grumbled about my dreadful Zero Five.

Should have had a lemonade like Lee.

Five minutes further west into posh Sheffield, and a first visit to the Greystones, one of our top live music venues.

Also heaving, also with the full range of Thornbridge, but this time with a dangerous looking St Petersburg.

Mrs RM complained about me getting a third pint of Jaipur, but really she was wondering why SHE didn’t have the strong one. I felt as sick as a green parrot that I was DES,

though to be honest the Zero Five was a little better on tap than from the bottle. Can that be right ?

Anyway, Lee and Jane are great company; it’s always fun meeting people who love going to unloved towns like Wigan and Hartlepool as much as we do.

And so to David Ford. Recommended by Jane, I’d only vaguely heard of him but half his songs were really inspirational, and the other half weren’t bad either.

Jane gave you his most recent video about the Vax; I’ll leave you with an old one that I like the title of.

We didn’t get out till gone 11pm. Well past my bedtime. Well, the time I start blogging.

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