Bucket List No.83 – Trip to the ballet (No. 82 – spend a night in Carluke).

Would you like to come to see Swan Lake at Sheffield Lyceum, Mr RM. I bet you don’t”.

I’m determined to do ALL that Sheffield has to offer. I’ve a seat at the Snooker in April, and I may even go to the dogs at Hillsborough. Not all towns get a trip from the Siberian Ballet Company, you know.

We started our cultural evening with Pad Thai and Cosmopolitans.

Well, one of us did. Mrs RM had bought the cheap sears (£22) and I was terrified of needing a comfort break halfway through if it went on for 4 hours like Siegfried.

Sheffield looks very lovely at the moment, and tonight the Lyceum competed with drama at the Crucible for the polite society Pound.

Actually, £22 brings you a decent seat with leg room and this view of a proper evening’s entertainment. And no VAR.

But you can’t take pictures of the performance, so here’s one the Ipswich Star took earlier. Some very Suffolk stories on the right.

Swan Lake was a riot of colour, the costume designs the highlight. Well, apart from the Our Cow Mollie ices at half time.

I don’t think Swan Lake ends happily, so I was really in need of a consoling pint of OBB at the end.

Sadly, my day of culture was done.

9 thoughts on “SWAN LAKE

  1. Swan Lake is a long one, very good though, the Draught Bass of Ballet. The Nutcracker is perhaps more your kind of Doom Bar. We’re booked to see The Snow Queen on that tour in Northampton, a bit easier on the arse hopefully, and if I can get the day off preceded by plenty of townie pubbing.

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  2. If it weren’t a happy ending, then I think that I might have gone to the Head Of Steam or even the Graduate, rather than to the Bear, Martin.

    Why, you – not me – can get Doom Bar there.


  3. My husband actually doesn’t mind the ballet -we have done the Nutcracker & Coppelia at Royal Opera house Covent Garden -sadly the tickets were a tad more than £22 & drinks were off the scale -a great experience though & we hope to go again.I was quite surprised at how noisy the dancers were -like a herd of elephants

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    1. We thought that we’d give it a try, Pauline, and saw Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella, and then his Romeo and Juliet.

      The first we thought brilliant, though found the second rather a downer, but then again the story is, innit?


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