A night in Newbury, to complete Berkshire’s GBG entries, tick what felt like our 12th Premier Inn of the year already, and of course test out a new Chinese takeaway. All in a night’s work.

Look, I even managed some posh Berkshire street art on my 4 mile walk.

I asked Matt and apparently “Drek” is youthspeak for “An easy GBG tick” as in “A Grantham Spoons is Drek, mate, it’s no Pinchbeck Ship“. Check Wiki if you don’t believe me.

An easy stroll to the Lion, the only problem being the temptation of a genuined Arkell’s local I’d never been in, and probably never will.

This is the month they turn the lights off in Newbury and commemorate Saint Dryanuary.

Spooky, but rather lovely,

and the Lion is one of those backstreet family brewer pubs that folk who don’t use the GBG insist don’t get in the Guide because “it’s all pokey micros and places that give CAMRA discount these days, mate“.

A pleasant if plain, modern Wadworths town pub that was clearly so exciting I forgot to take a photo so here’s one off Google.

The young barman is a gem, compensating for being the only other human in the building. Apparently it had been busy earlier, but they’d left when they’d seen me coming. To prove the point it’s me, another lone drinker tips up just as I’m going.

Just as Pedigree seems to get better and better, so too does 6X, a beer that needs a bit of love an affection as well as throughput.

This was a cracker, cool and foamy (NBSS 3.5). But of course to many CAMRAs it’s BBB dishwater, consigned to the same bin as Pedi, Bass and John Smiths.

It would have been a good pint, plain pub experience except for the music.

One of the most exceptionally eclectic soundtracks of this or any year, it could have been picked by Tim Thomas. The barman and I compared notes, taking turns to walk across to the randomised juke box to see what was playing.

One less bell to answer, one less Berks boozer to tick…


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