Post Number 2 from Newbury, the Newmarket of the South.

It was only 6pm, though the town was deserted by now, and I took the time to admire the art, including this piece near Metro Bank on West Street called “West Berks CAMRA casteth oute ye Spoons from ye Beer Guide“.

More ducks than drinkers, but Newbury felt no different from any town so far in 2022. I notice they all come out when BRAPA is in town, mind.

If you’ve paid for your Premier Inn (£39, almost everywhere) you really have to do a bonus pub after your Official Ticking. I was almost tempted to follow the Lion with the Elephant,

but you know how I like to end an evening with murky craft,

and the Spare Wheel is a sister pub to the GBG Catherine Wheel, which means it’s virtually a pre-emptive guarantee once they stick a handpump on the bar.

For now, evil keg will do. Let’s just pick the strongest one, shall we ?

Well, perhaps not. An 8.2% Knuckle Puck Time from Wild Weather will do. Sorachi and New England DIPA, Tim later tells me.

It’s stunning, but perhaps a third or 3/7ths would have been a better choice. So good I almost bought the T-shirt (top), but then I’d have smudged crispy beef from Howan (NCTSS 3.5) all over it, wouldn’t I ?

And in case you’ve ever wondered about this question;

It’s because they’re always covered in hot sticky sauce, obviously.

8 thoughts on “IT’S KNUCKLE PUCK TIME

  1. Looks like a place where you can get vegan, gluten-free beers, blessed by virgins under a full moon, and where no animals have been killed in order to brew the beer. Worth every penny.

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  2. I like pub names.

    For instance, “The Rhinoceros At The Christening” would be no stranger than “The Elephant At The Market”, and yet, for some mysterious reason, we are completely unsurprised by the second.

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