A night in Newbury, a night to revisit the Chinese takeaway “scene” and get a couple of ticks to complete Berks.

A first visit to Thatcham since 2003, when we stayed in the rambling town.

This time, a 5 minute train trip from Newbury where the Wheatsheaf became one of those basic one pump boozers that no-one believes actually exist in the Beer Guide anymore.

Shame about the pub sign but sometimes it’s nice to have a cheap bed for the night (£35) highlighted, I guess.

The number of folk in pubs that day apart from me were NIL, FIVE, ONE, TWO, NIL, NIL and ONE.

This was one of the NILs, and the Wheatsheaf is a pub that really needed the crowds.

I felt for the Landlord, but engaged him in some chat about Newcastle’s prospects once they’d splashed the cash in the transfer window and how at least they’d got an east Cup tie.

Sadly for Dave the Landlord, Cambridge put paid to the Magpies cup dream again this year.

I hope the Wheatsheaf gets busier; the Delphic may be from “an independent super-micro-brewery, based out of a garage in Thatcham“, but it’s cheap and drinkable and leaves lovely lacings.

I made a mental note to try that £35 when I inevitably return to Thatcham in 2039, and headed back to the station.


  1. Aye, it’s a pity that so many potential pub customers might notice, say, the alloy wheels on the cars parked in its car park, but mot the merits or otherwise of the artwork of its pub sign.

    If it were the other way round, then perhaps the proprietors might care a bit more themselves?


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