Yes, shish happens. A flat tyre from nowhere, but thankfully I have a skilled team to deal with life’s little crises.

And no, that’s not the main reason I married her (though her 1991 “Motoring Madams” certification was high on the list).

I wouldn’t ever drive round Edinburgh, particularly with the Leith Walk being dug up at the moment for a new tram line which will make life easier, but duller, for the ticker walking the 2 miles from Waverley.

Mrs RM and I had a 2 mile walk down towards Holyrood Park and the last of my quartet of GBG ticks, a brewery tap on an industrial estate. Imagine if you well my anticipation.

We walked down Easter Road, a new part of the capital packed with small shops and bars and a real joy to explore. The only problem was the lack of public urinals on every street corner. I appreciate that visiting football fans on the way to Hibernian would have found creative ways to empty their bladder, but I’m no savage.

The Old Eastway Tap looked like my salvation. AND another new pre-emptive tick.

I had to wait for the loo while we waited to be seated and have Covid rules politely explained. I nipped to the Gents while Mrs RM ordered a half of the Cross Borders Heavy from what youngsters call a “banging list”.

Typical Scottish bar, except it had some long tables and nearly everyone was 23.

Mrs RM had already declared the beer “Meh“, but I warmed to it (NBSS 3), and I can’t say the beer was that great anywhere else. The staff were superb given we were abusing their hospitality for a half.

Outside I found what initially seemed to be the Tardis, and the Yann Seznec labelling made its actual purpose no more comprehensible.

Yann Seznec, of course, played false No. 9 for Hibs in their famous 2016 Scottish Cup win which resulted in this wonderful rendition of one of the greatest songs ever.

Fuelled by £2.60 a pint Carling, that.

That was also the point at which Mrs RM spotted the kebab shop sign.

Didn’t let me go in there though, did she ?

23 thoughts on “SHISH HAPPENS

  1. Mrs RM’s obviously a resourceful woman. Mrs B would have had me doing that. Luckily, I do know how to do it.
    Pub tickers do seem to have weak bladders! I’m older than you and I have a bladder of steel. Then again, I’m not walking around from pub to pub in the freezing cold, I might find that challenging.

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    1. I’m not sure I could manage in the far north – fewer trees to go behind when the need becomes demanding. I’m going to join Martin’s campaign for a pissoir on every corner.

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  2. I know a local publican who was a fairly notorious Aberdeen Soccer Casual back in the 80’s (so much that his wife has to be the actual licensee). His decision to leave that lifestyle apparently came when a teenage home fan on Easter Road threw a molotov cocktail at him……

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    1. Yes, did you really think I was posing and taking instructions from RM on subject of tyres/tires?! Haha

      I did make RM take notes, for next time maybe?! Car had to be moved as I had a skip coming! Next prize is for guessing what or who is going in the skip! 😀


  3. Normally, by the roadside, a motorist can only change the wheel. Then pop in to a service station where they use specialist equipment to remove the damaged tyre and fit a new replacement. But you knew that.
    Ticking tyre changers will be the next big craze !


      1. For clarification Mrs RM changed the wheel not the tyre and then sent Mr RM off to quickfit to get the tyre replaced.


  4. No offence intended, Dave. My desire to correct American spellings, relates to the spell-checker on my version of MS Word. It keeps defaulting to US English, rather than UK English, despite my attempts to make the latter the default setting.

    It’s therefore a Microsoft issue, rather than anything personal!


      1. I think you’re more in on the joke than most of the Brits, Dave !

        NB I heard Mrs RM giggling last night reading these so I’m sure she wasn’t offended by the photo.


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