You join me in Leith on the day before Hogmanay (cancelled) as we’re 3/4 of the way through my Beer Guide tick, and up to 90% of Mrs RM’s walking limit (and 132% of my bladder limit, to be fair).

Leith looks best from the air, and Si may choose to approach by his private jet or Royal yacht.

We were in the street named after Daddy BRAPA, and Mrs RM was attracted to the bar next door to the Carrier’s Quarters.

Have you been there ? You should go there ! Go on

To be fair, I get a bit like this six pints, but we’d only had a pint and a half, and I find this determination to vary from a plan both heartening and worrying.

In we went. Anything called “micropub” is a GBG shoe-in, I guessed, and Steel Coulson Shore also sounds like a Guide entry, like Scottish Stores or Parcel Yard.

Even more promisingly, the beer is served on gravity from the barrel.

And there’s free chocolates on the bar. If they weren’t free, I’m sorry.

It only opened last May, the nice lady tells me. We like the styling a lot, a bit Cambridge Blue with breweriana and bench seating and a relaxed feel.

If I’m honest, the flat beer (Stewart) was a fine but a bit flat.

Might be better off picking some cans from the exciting fridge range, like that Paisley Craft Beer place but with a pubbier feel.

Within 10 minutes it was filling up, and we made a dash for the loos in case it was a shared facility. Not at all, and spotless, with that breezeblock chic that I know Pauline loves.

Right, one left, to Holyrood…

5 thoughts on “MRS RM’s MICRO MOVES IN LEITH

  1. I find bars with an electric conduit round the wall like that both worrying and heartening. Worrying because it means the place will be full of people charging their phones and reading pub ticker blogs, heartening because I’m likely to be one of them…

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