On to the last new tick of our Edinburgh quarter, with a game Mrs RM edging above 25,000 steps. Great effort.

The Bellfield Brewery Tap takes us east of Holyrood,

taunting us with historic boozers before dumping us in a small industrial estate surrounded by flats for Parliament staffers.

One for the brewery tap purist, I guess.

We pick the table next to the dinosaurs, symbolically, and use the app to order the Fall themed stout, which is tasty but a bit too carbonated for us dinosaurs.

The Bellfield is busier than any other pub I’ve been in the last week, and I warm to its eccentric soundtrack underpinned by Mark Crilley’s favourite track by an ex-Beatle (after The Frog Chorus, obvs). I last heard “Temporary Secretary” at my hipster gig at Hacknet Wick last month, that’s how hip it is.

Then more mid-80s US indie porn.

Two American women order the cask 80/, shaming me into ordering a half while Mrs RM is on her phone. It’s too warm, inevitably.

We head back via the Royal Mile, which looks utterly stunning on the approach via the Parliament.

An hour to kill before the 20:07 to Durham. Surely time for a 2 mile walk out to Diggers (or Dagda).

Apparently not. We slump outside the M & S on the station, and eat crisps.


    1. Funny you say that, that’s exactly where I was headed if I’d dared leave Mrs RM. I note the wonderful Halfway House, where I’ve had haggis & needs and the youngest got told off for putting his feet on the table once, is out of the GBG.


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