When I watch City at the Etihad they urge me to get there an hour before kick-off to subject myself to scanners, Covid pass checks and the delay caused by tourists who are queueing for the wrong block. I return they were offering half-price Amstel for my efforts.

In Paisley, Duncan is determined to get to St Mirren Park 7 seconds before kick off, and therefore ushers us to the famed Bull (stop D) with 40 minutes till Celtic crush the Buddies.

I was here with Duncan a few years back, though my blog is silent, so you were denied the Paisley architecture,

and shots of its most famous boozer.

While all around was quiet (Celtic fans go straight to the ground in coaches), the Bull was heaving.

I ordered a pint of Strathaven because it’s unpronounceable, and the charming barman gave me a short lecture on Covid rules and the need to not stand at the bar. “Nae problem“.

Actually, it was a problem, as all the tables were taken,

and I find folk don’t much like you standing over them, Covid or no. The little side rooms looked alluring, but out of reach.

So Duncan, Brian and I hovered at the very end of the bar to avoid blocking the route to the loos.

I’ve just told your mate off for standing at the bar...” began the exasperated barman. It’s a fair cop, but what could we do. You can’t drink in the street.

We necked some variable beer and headed into the night.

Time for the Wee Howf ?” I said, 30 minutes from kick off.

3 thoughts on “DON’T STAND AT THE BAR

  1. So this was still your birthday (22/12, the date is logged)? At that time, even in St Nicola’s Tartan Paradise, you were allowed to stand at the bar. Compulsory sitting down came in on the 27th. Not that we necessarily do as we’re telt up here beyond the 60th parallel.

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    1. This was the 22nd. I guess the Bull is Greene King/Belhaven and they seem particularly strict, which is their prerogative. I notice in the pic that there were customers standing at the other end of the bar. Not sure what we were supposed to do, and no-one likes getting told off.


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