The last post from my epic birthday (22/12) and the Pub of the Day, an award that will be on display in the Paisley Art Gallery until 23 July.

The Wee Howf (stop E) was just a short hop from the crowded Bull, just past Church Hill.

The best pubs are the ones you can’t explain.

The Wee Howf, back in the GBG after a holiday, just had the perfect atmosphere. Blondie’s “Atomic” the pick from a 1980 selection, a drunk lady shouting “I’m 44” (I’m 57, Miss), and a sense of chaos and peace forever on the edge.

Everyone was drinking Bud and Heineken apart from us, but still the Kelburn was the beer of the night, a cool, rich NBSS 3.5.

Even the deodorant in the Gents is a classic (F. Mac’s best album, don’t argue).

One last “WOW” architectural gem on the way to the football,

and then we took our seats to watch a Covid-hit team of St Mirren youngsters torn apart by Celtic.

It somehow finished 0-0 after a superhuman effort by the kids, and then home to bed. Though for research purposes I was obliged to buy a curry from Madras Grill House next to the station.

I hardly touched it that night, but took it home to share with Mrs RM the next morning, and can confidently pronounce it “The Best Reheated Curry In Paisley”, an award you’ll see on display in Paisley Art Gallery from July 24th.


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