Some real oddities new to Norfolk’s GBG collection this year, like the Foldgate, a roadside diner I’d passed on the A1122 heading to Dereham a hundred times and thought “That’ll NEVER get in the Guide“.

And yet it has. Blimey !

Nice sign, Labatts isn’t it ?

Stradsett is a hamlet of 60 people, not including the 60 gentlefolk who’d packed out the vast car park, leading to some of the most chaotic parking seen since McDonalds Hillsborough re-opened this year.

This reliance on the grey pound was also prompting the Foldgate to keep all those Covid restrictions we know and love.

I’ve no problem with that, as long as we’re all clear what the rules are. The only problem with table service is when there’s no tables left.

I explain I only want a half to my justify standing at the bar, and that I’m happy to sit outside. Even happier when I see there’s only one beer on, an unlikely 5% Porter your lone cask choice.

I wish I’d been able to hang around, Dereham Derek would have been bound to order a pint of Complete Howler, causing much mirth. And the soundtrack was Madonna and Springsteen, who would have sounded dangerous to most of these punters back in 1985.

Anyway. Out to the garden, after holding the door open to gentlefolk for about 17 minutes without so much as a “Thank you“. Young folk are so much more courteous than their grandparents, you know.


Actually, there was a play area-cum-garden, but I didn’t fancy battling the reversing Ford Cortinas to get it, so I bring you a rare shot from a UK smoking shelter (top).

Someone must use it, or else the ash trays are never emptied. Perhaps the ambience added something to the beer, which was a superbly smooth NBSS 3.5. Weren’t expecting that, were you ?

West Norfolk CAMRA never cease to surprise and delight you with their GBG picks.


  1. I sat next to an ashtray like that in a (non-GBG) pub in Cornwall this summer. Worse, it was full of rainwater as well as fag ends, and it hadn’t rained for a while, so it had been sitting there a good few days.

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      1. I resent that. I’ve never smoked either, but I go out of my way to be as interesting as I possibly can be, and it’s very hurtful to be reminded of my failure. (Are you channelling pubcurmudgeon, who states without evidence that smokers are more sociable?)


    1. Quite possibly, it’s an obvious stopping point. I’ve probably been to all the pubs on and off the A10 up to Downham Market but that one was new to me. Some similar carvery pubs further up the A10 to Lynn.


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