I owe Curry Charles a pint, that was his suggested title.

Charles, my Pub Man of 2020, had joined me on the second leg of my West Norfolk tickathon, providing double entendres of the third order.

But first he provided me with a late gourmet lunch. I’d have preferred his famous white haggis.

New entries in Greater Dereham, or Lesser Thetford, are as rare as a pint of Bass in Norfolk, but the White Hart in Ashill appears to be a genuine rural beer house in the middle of the Brecks.

Once you get past the balloons, anyway.

Electronic beer boards in the Brecks ?

Where’s the trade coming from ?

Well, mostly Dereham, and enough to mean a well staffed pub at 3pm on a Thursday afternoon.

Lovely staff, enthusing over the local beer and asking Charles if he had any recommendations. Am awkward pause followed as Charles realised Doggy Style was an unacceptable response.

Lovely beer, friendly family atmosphere, and Charles only disgraced himself once, when he went back for a taster.

” What have I told you about tasters ?” I ranted.

Still, it produced this blog title.


  1. “Tasters come in halves”, as the former licensee of the Kelham Island Tavern used to say. Or was it the Wellington? Anyway, I’m not arguing.


  2. The Wellington, and I think “Our tasters are called halves” is closer to the wording on the sign behind the bar.

    I have always worked on the basis that at least a pint should normally be consumed to be able to ‘tick’ either a pub or a beer, the possible exceptions (i.e. minimum a half) being if the beer is seriously disgusting and cannot be changed, or very strong (eg over 10%?). Otherwise you would have quests like ‘The British Half Pinter Pub Adventure’.

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