South Normanton isn’t a place you go to by accident. Unless you’re after a cheap chippy, only the GBG will drag you there.

BRAPA wrotesuddenly South Normanton became very ‘real’ very quickly with hooded kids on bikes stinking of weed, dark eyed fat ladies in tattoo parlours, fried chicken shops and nail bars a plenty“.

Several good Guide pubs over the years, including BRAPA favourite the Devonshire Arms with its Sarah Hughes Ruby, but I’m here for the new micro.

Never trust a micro’s opening hours, or a Derbyshire mining town clock (watch ?).

The word unprepossessing was actually invented for the Market Tavern.

Luckily the clock in the Tavern is wrong too, and it’s not one of those joke ones that go backwards.

Blokey micro, beer connoisseur’s line-up, and Bad Kitty (NBSS 3) picks itself, doesn’t it ?

There is some truly weird seating available, but also some where your feet touch the floor. Is it just old people like me who want their feet to touch the floor ?

A bit blokey beery, but at least there’s comfort and Mondrian windows and music. “Time After Time” becomes “Push The Button” as Cyndi makes way for the Sugababes; I feel it should be the other way round.

The beer delivery man pulls up outside and the barrels are rolled in.

Ah, Jangles, excellent” says someone. That’s a beer I think. The conversation turns to “Meet the Brewer” night. Time to leave.

I consider adding 0.5 to the NBSS score for the Karen Gillan cut-out on the stairs to the cellar, but that’s (probably) sexist.

My brief exploration of Alternative South Norm takes in the gothic,

and the Victorian,

and the plain bizarre.

But I suddenly realise what I need,

and pick the chippy with the weirdest possible name.

They were OK. I can say no less, but no more.


  1. Good choice there, though I feel that Tanning, Nails, ‘and’ Waxing is perhaps one too many to maintain quality. Jangles will be a well known ‘Squid Ink Style’ Stout from Notts. In case you’ll ever need it, and it’s obviously too late now, but the new Partizan Tavern in Nottingham is getting a lot of plaudits from beer enthusiasts, so an almost certain pre-emptive I’d have thought…

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  2. Difficult epitet, bent. As a term for homosexual, it’s arguably homophobic. As a term for corrupt, it may be analogous to a corruption of function but its ambiguity requires clarification and requires us to know N2Chingy so we may understand the context and whether N2Chingy is one to take cash and swerve the VAT. Like calling a politician bent, I’d assume more likely corrupt but possibly a homophobic slur the more left a politician is. Dunno is that fair? A few decades ago I’d reverse the left right on that. Clarity is important in language, whether used formally or informally.

    I think you need to ask around regarding this N2Chingy, then modify the graffiti with the content required and a kinder term for either of the reasons N2Chingy might warrant such an accusation, for those unfamiliar with N2Chingy.This will provide an example for the kids to then follow.


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