The new GBG hadn’t yet arrived but young BRAPA (wait till you see the old one) had sent me details for Derbyshire and I used the first week of November doing the “low hanging fruit“. A dreadful phrase which somehow makes South Derbyshire sound quite attractive.

Half an hour to Derby Station, 16 minutes to Spondon, which gets listed under “Derby” in the Guide even though it looks a self-standing village while tiny suburbs of Huddersfield get listed separately.

Arriving at the Malt Shovel at the What Pub approved opening time of 11:30 I was delighted to find an Old Skool Bass opening times sign confirming the hours,

and equally delighted to find them absolutely pointless as there would be no sign of life till noon.

Half an hour is the perfect amount of time to explore Spondon’s minor treasures; a few half-timbered buildings, leafy churchyard (ain’t Autumn great ?) and two very contrasting doors side by side on Potter Street.

I recommend visiting midweek and having one of each of the dishes at Tamarind.

Back at the Malt Shovel a regular had beaten me to the front of the queue for a pint of a Pedi. It’s always mildly irritating when you realise what beer you could have had if you’d turned up 25 years earlier;

What a well-dressed man.

Gentlefolk trade means lots of takers for some impressive looking home-cooked food, and pints. I took the room to my left but I had a choice of four.

Bass mirror, bench seating, cool pint, fresh flowers,

and marital advice just off the Brian Clough Way.

Good advice, too.


  1. It’s perhaps considered a suburb of Derby as the former British Cleanese (latterly Courtaulds / Acordis etc etc) was a large employer of Derby residents once upon a time. At one time it employed a workforce in excess of 20,000. Although this was probably less than Rolls Royce Aero or BR Engineering. The site comprised over 15 miles of road and 5 miles of railway track.

    The Moon Hotel (now Canal Turn I think) was a large Bass house just next to the railway crossing.

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  2. Crap walk that. At least you went thro California, but I guess no Dreamin’

    Derby Rail Station is good and bad.

    > Bad, Nowhere near the City Centre
    > Good, Near the Brunswick and Alexanda

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  3. Don’t blame you. You are welcome to it Martin, the line that is

    Did you pass the McDonalds on Markeaton Island? Many years ago it used to be an Ind Coope pub called The Derbyshire Yeoman. McDonalds wanted to demolish it but never got planning consent so they just kept the building and ploughed ahead using that.

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  4. Spot on Dave!!! You’ve rumbled me! However, despite Spondon being not too far away I’ve never been to any of their pubs and this one looks like a great place to start…decent cricket club too that is probably worth a visit next time…


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