Now I’ve moved north the wilds of Norfolk are three hours away, which is no loss till we get to GBG ticking time.

An overnight stay in Dereham, the very heart of Norfolk, and four new ticks to kick-start a slow month.

Starting with a FOURTH trip to King’s Lynn in 2 years . What’s going on here ?

Well, the town itself looks better than ever.

Many UK town centres have seems desperately quiet this year; Lynn was buzzing. I blame Duncan, who brought the town to international attention in 2019.

I’d never heard of it. Ever.

A classy place, as you’d expect from somewhere called “Chop & Ale House“.

Three Blind Mice’s juicy Juice Rocket on tap,

and a view out to one of Lynn’s 377 medieval churches.

Just a slightly upmarket meeting point foe West Norfolk gentlefolk to sip lattes and discuss NHS apps, and there haven’t been many of those in the Guide this century.

We were WORRIED about you !” said Pashmina Pauline No.1.

Your usual latte” said the waitress.

It might not sound very pubby but it was exactly what pubs should do, bringing folk together.

It was very lovely, and as I walked back along the cobbles I realised I could have been in Norwich.

But then I’d have to put up with that self-belief that Norwich is the centre of the beer universe and no-one wants that, do they ?

3 thoughts on “LOVELY LYNN

  1. I’m not sure if I want my name associated with pashminas anymore -I am a Yorkshire lass who wears a scarf,not a pashmina ,I never drink lattes in a pub ,I enjoy thrash metal music & binge drink on a weekend.I do like posh pubs though so perhaps I will continue to tolerate this appropriation of my rather dated Christian name (most Paulines were born in the 50’s )

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