When we look back critically at our first year in The North next month we’ll balance the progress on the hedge and the calories lost walking up Whitehouse Lane against progress on the hedge and a failure to get to grips with the Peak District on our doorstep.

Well, the Peak will always be there, won’t it ? Long after we’ve moved to Maidenhead.

19 minutes took us out along the Snake Pass and up to Strines Moor on Sunday, where my plans for a bracing walk were scuppered by 0.3mm of rain.

Luckily there was a pub there, in fact the pub which gives the moor its name.

1275 ? that’s older than Mudgie.

Sheffield’s most remote pub, a magnet for walkers and students and their canine friends.

I thought the fire deserved it’s own moment.

Only one table spare, at the bar underneath the stuffed animals, and Mrs RM took it before an oik from Oughtibridge beat us to it.

We then had half an hour of being licked by dogs who weren’t being fed Yorkshire puddings by students.

In fact, those students had Yorkshire pudding and gravy as a starter followed by Yorkshire pudding in the Sunday roast.

We stuck to a liquid lunch of Directors and Brakspear Gold, neither of which needed the addition of Hendos.

It’s a while since we took our lads to play in the garden of the Strines when it was a GBG regular. Nowadays there’s more keg ciders on the bar than real ales, and it must be one of the very few Sheffield cask pubs NOT to offer local Bradfield Blonde or Abbeydale Moonshine, but here’s the thing;

Those Marston beers were both gorgeous; cool, clean and refreshing (3.5). Who needs Locales when you’ve got beer from a big factory in Wolves ?*

A gentleman came to the bar to pay.

How much is a fudge brownie. For future reference“. I love the idea that in a kitchen in Fulwood he’ll count out the £2.95 in order to buy that brownie when he makes his next visit in 2023.

He was asked if he’d enjoyed his meal, which is generally a prompt for a tip.

It was excellent. In fact (long pause) please give my compliments to the chef. Mr Richardson’s the name“.

Thanks. Have a good day

God BLESS you“.

Love you Sheffield.

*or wherever

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