The danger of being a GBG ticker is that you spend so much time in micropubs, brewery taps and Brunning & Prices that you forget what a real non-Guide pub is.

I stopped in Stamford to visit their most famous (OK, only) estate pub.

What a pub sign the Danish Invader has.

A design classic, and no mistake.

Perspex screens, darts and pool, tidy, slightly too tidy if I’m honest. Half a dozen Old Boys, all glued to the T20 World Cup.

A decade ago you’d have had John Smiths Cask, now it’s something local and the UK’s favourite.

It was cool and dry, and just about a 3.5, though priced at a rather ambitious £3.80 in an estate pub (albeit in Stamford). You’d get two pints for that in the Spoons, but you’d regret it.

A great soundtrack ranged from “Lovin’ Things” by Marmalade to Billy Ocean’s ubiquitous classic (I’ve heard it four times in pubs this year), complementing the Sri Lankan onslaught on the big screen perfectly.

Just as I was thinking “No-one will drink the Grainstore“, someone drank the Grainstore. Whadayaknow.

I was tempted to say “Blessings on your house, you serve good Doom Bar” as I left, but it wasn’t that sort of pub. And the Doom Bar wasn’t that good.

10 thoughts on “A STAMFORD INVADER

  1. I’m a bit conflicted when it comes to estate pubs. Whilst I dream of finding relatively unchanged/unspoilt examples like the one on Worcesters Ronkswood estate, it’s sadly the case that few were furnished to last, and the most successful well-used examples I’ve been to are inevitably those which have been heavily refurbished. I’m guessing part of the reason for the continued survival of the Invader is it’s quite a hack out of town, which makes it all the more handy for those locals that want to use it, particularly now the Drum & Monkey is gone.

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      1. Lives on as a small-batch mini-micro brewery who’s beers only seem to be available in the Kings Head, you’ll be delighted to know. All manner of weird and wacky brews, merely works in progress on the road to reproducing the original classic John Smiths Bitter the Drum & Monkey was famous for…

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