I was just preparing to do some gardening when there was a knock at the door.

Imagine my horror to find Citra and Sheffield Hatter at the door, on the way to a pub.

Can retiredmartin come out to play ?” asked Will.

Only if I can come too” replied Mrs RM.

It was only then she realised that leaving the house involved a hill.

I’d told Citra (and BRAPA) the Raven was a shoe-in (or is it shu-in ?) for the next GBG, but surely a traditional back street pub with high quality cask from a local brewer MUST be a good bet ?

Yes, but. Perhaps it’s only downside is it feels a bit too new, despite the quality of the seating.

Perhaps if there were free dolly mixtures, instead of dog biscuits, it would help.

The barman was a gem, cleaning the handpumps when we arrived, first up on a Thursday afternoon. If he was responsible for the soundtrack of Bad Company and Def Leppard I’ll let him off. Def Leppard have the same status in Sheffield as Bjork in Iceland.

“Quite pleasant” said Citra, a glowing endorsement of whatever Wisewood beer it was.

Mrs RM beat Mick. And Will. And me, to the end of the pint, so she got to choose where we headed next, and picked Pangolin, Hillsborough’s new craft bar and takeaway.

I doubt she picked it for the Stones breweriana, though it would undoubtedly look good on our wall.

I thought the beer here was pretty good, and the service lovely, but it’s a cafe. And if I want a cafe I’ll go over the road for a full English.

It was a long walk back up the hill to ours, and although I DID have a bottle of Duchess de Bourgogne in the house, I wasn’t offering it to our guests. A cup of tea was more than sufficient.


  1. Yes The Raven was pleasant but I would have prefered a couple of rough edges to it, as you say a bit “new”.
    The Pangolin a bit average but worth the look.
    A cup of tea was sufficient at that point in time.
    Have you cut that hedge yet?

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      1. As well as being a Luton Town fan (hence Hatter), I also support Leeds Rhinos. Lived there for 12 years and my daughters were born there too.


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