When I can’t find anything that rhymes with a pub, I just lump it in the Top 100 pubs. SURELY you know that by now.

The Harlequin, one of 57 excellent free houses within stumbling distance of Citra’s luxurious hotel in Sheffield, had been calling me since pubs re-opened, but I’d been saving it for a special occasion. The arrival of Citra from Basingstoke was that special occasion.

It allowed me to show Mick the Don,

and meant he was greeted by some Professional Drinkers (not Will) at the door telling him “this place has the best beer in Sheffield”.


In fairness, the take-out I had from here during lockdown was pretty special, but the Blue Bee Pale at the KIT will be hard to beat.

But the Harlequin had a good go at winning Mick’s affections with their Supa Citra from Jolly Boys, which I had to have.

Yes, the beer was very good (Mick – It’s alright) but it was the astonishing mix of punters that did it for me.

Some of them may even have been Computer Science undergraduates, whatever they are.

And any pub with free snacks wrapped in tin foil on the bar deserve credit in Covid times.

“It’s a proper boozer” said Mick, who has a lifetime of experience drinking Doom Bar in Basingstoke.

Proper seating, free snacks, blokes and Young People, NBSS 3.5 beer…

It’s what I moved to Sheffield for, innit ?

Oh, and they played this. When did you last hear this in a pub ?

8 thoughts on “TOP 100 PUBS – HARLEQUIN, SHEFFIELD

  1. Enough of the Basingstoke talk, I may have been born there and live but five miles away but it is a place to be avoided at all costs if your pub hunting.
    By the way ,The Harlequin was a bit of alright.

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