There are very few certainties in a pub ticker’s life, but you can be certain that on your travels you will find a hitherto undiscovered Banksy,

someone will ask you directions to a pub you’ve never heard of (because it closed in 1989), and the last micropub in a county will proved irritatingly difficult to actually enter. So with BCM in Evesham.

I assumed it stood for Bewildering Craft Murk, but it’s actually Bromsgrove Crafty Monkey, and should have been in Bromsgrove but they’ve breached their craft licence or something.

My map said it was here;

or very close by. 20 minutes were spent trying to enter what turns out to be Vanilla Moon Beauty Salon from the disable car park before I gave up and spent 10 minutes looking for a secret entrance on pedestrianised Bridge Street.

Here’s the secret entrance, marked as Bridge Court Shopping Centre.

It looks deserted, and like the best bits of Evesham a little bit edgy.

Press on, fearless ticker.

And you finally reach the place with a monkey on the sign. It’s probably marked as Cobwebs Cafe on your phone.

The guvnor was great, he really was, a bundle of enthusiasm and good cheer.

Of course, when BRAPA gets here it’ll be 3 feet deep at the bar and a bloke called Big Eric will be playing Kangaroo Air Force Ventilator hits on a euphonium while Colin hums along, while all I get is good conversation and very good Salopian. Which is fair enough.

And with that, Worcestershire had fallen.

Until the new GBG comes out on Friday and it all starts again.


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