I’ve too many photos of Evesham to squeeze into one post. Any more than ten and I bore myself, and besides, the pub is my last Worcestershire tick and deserves its own post.

I was intrigued to hear that Kidderminster legend (he once ate two Aggborough cottage pies at half time) Life After Football hadn’t been, but it really is a world apart from gritty Kiddy with its black and white beams and famous Abbey.

Is that an upside-down Bass sign ?

But is it posh ?

A look at the battered tourist map tells the truth.

This is a working town, fallen on hard times since the Great Asparagus Crash of 1988.

Still plenty of history,

including a mysterious War Memorial marking the end of the Great War as 1920.

In 2015 I took Dad on a tour of the National Trust Gardens round here and another old boy told us why it says 1920. But I forget now.

The pedestrianised High Street looks a bit like Ashford (Kent), but Evesham has a bit more class than that, and a nicer Spoons, where I spent those coppers I’d saved in the last pub.

The clock struck two, and I set off to beat the crowds to my last Worcestershire micro.

It wasn’t easy…

12 thoughts on “ENIGMATIC EVESHAM

  1. Some first rate photos today, Martin. Lovely buildings, autumn skies, war memorial, Jim Capaldi woz here, and a croque monsieur in ‘Spoons. I’m struggling to see any lacings on that glass, though.


      1. I don’t think the British involvement in Russia was technically part of WW1, more of an intervention in the Russian Civil War. If we’re being really legalistic, WW1 didn’t end until 31 August 1921, being the date of the Order in Council mandated by the Termination of the Present War (Definition)Act 1918. Don’t know if any British troops were involved by then.

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      2. I think my definition would have been based on British involvement in combat, and I guess if troops were redeployed rather than coming home in 1918 they’d have felt that was a continuation of “The Great War”. Genuinely interesting, thanks Bill.


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