You left me in Whitehaven, virtually trying on Regency costumes in the town museum and admiring the birds.

But, just as Mrs RM was here on business, I also had A Mission To Tick (unreleased Bond film starring Timothy Dalton c. ’89).

What would the Candlestick bring ?

Whitehaven has one really smart pub, a Spoons, and some gritty boozers that I expect Irish Sea Dave has done.

Plenty of potential for conversion to pub use here;

The Candlestick (top) looks all the world like a slightly upmarket Lakeland Robinsons house, but turns out to be a free house rescued from Stockport ownership.

It’ll be a bit modernised (“evening cafe bar/cocktail bar feel” says What Pub) for Stockport’s Pub Men, but better an all-rounder with daytime trade than a specialist with none.

The young landlord enthused about the cask (Cross Bay Red IPA was a gorgeous 3.5+) AND Staropramen, the new Stella, and we compared notes on Corby. It was a cheery place.

As was the queue for Fraser’s chippy next door, from which I sneaked a tray of squid and chips I forgot to share with Mrs RM. On the scenic outside table a grumpy lady stormed past, moaning about slow service. 18 months on, we have squid, we have cask, and still people moan.

I pondered for a second on the meaning of the giant pavement sticker,

and headed back to rescue Mrs RM from the French IT crisis. The Spoons looked like a bomb had hit it, a sea of dirty cups and breakfasts. But it had served its purpose.


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